Oct. 29 (UPI) — More than a week after Kristoff St. John was hospitalized after reportedly threatening to commit suicide, the soap opera star posted an essay titled: “Fall seven times, rise eight. Life begins now.”

“#resurrection #Life #PleaseRead,” he tweeted Saturday.

“When it is said that we fall seven times and rise eight times, we can reflect on our own painful setbacks and adversity — all the times we have fallen,” St. John wrote. “After five or six times, it seems that all we do is get knocked down and stand back up in a futile struggle. But then the seventh time something happens. We fall and get up again. And then we get up again again. The implication is one that people need. Do you believe in the possibility of enlightenment, or do you dismiss it along with all the other religion fairy tales? Consider the possibility.”

TMZ reported last week the actor had been hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation after sending photos to someone showing him with a gun to his head shortly before the third anniversary of his son’s suicide.

The Young and the Restless actor’s ex-wife Mia issued a statement to Entertainment Tonight regarding the incident.

“I want the world to know the truth about what is happening with Kristoff, because currently there is inaccurate, and fabricated information being reported by certain online outlets,” she told ET.

“No parent should ever have to bury their child, and for those who do, it is a nightmare that haunts you forever. The death of our beloved son, Julian, has taken a toll on both of us. He is an actor and while he may appear whole on the outside, his heart is broken. As a society we need to start taking mental health seriously and realize that no one is immune,” she said. “Last week, an incident occurred, that pushed him to the breaking point, but was not accurately reported. I hope that at this moment we can all wrap our arms around Kristoff and help him in this time of need. Help him heal and move forward. This is not a ‘gossip’ story, or an interesting headline, this is a man trying to deal with a tragedy, that has torn apart his soul. Right now what he needs is your thoughts and prayers.”

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