Feb. 5 (UPI) — New York Giants stars Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. starred in one of the funniest Super Bowl Sunday commercials.

The one-minute bit began with Manning asking: “Want to work on that thing?” Beckham obliged and ran a route for Manning at the Giants’ practice facility. Manning tossed his star wide receiver a pass for a touchdown and Beckham stopped in his tracks once he reached the end zone.

Beckham looked off in the distance as The Time of My Life played in the background. The wide receiver tossed the football on the ground and looked over his shoulder at his quarterback. The two players exchanged a handshake before spinning off to dance.

Their Giants teammates eventually joined in on the fun, after Manning pulled off some very awkward solo moves. Beckham sighed as though he was being left out, before Manning motioned him over for the finale move.

The Pro Bowl pass catcher sprinted toward the quarterback, before jumping up into Manning’s arms, pretending to soar gracefully.

The NFL sponsored the ad.

Manning and Beckham have been teammates since 2014. The Giants benched the veteran quarterback last season before firing their head coach and giving Manning back his starting duties.

Rumors have swirled this offseason about where Manning could land in 2018, but the quarterback told UPI last week that “all indications” are that he is staying with the NFC East franchise.

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